Chi Siamo

In the last 10 years, we have developed and maintained scientific collaborations with several Italian, European and American groups (see coauthors of scientific publications) and we have also participated as invited speakers to several national and international conferences on plant and animal genetics and genomics, and plant reproduction systems. In the last few years, we have regularly stipulated research contracts with Italian Seed Companies, mainly dealing with horticulture crops, and with Veneto Agriculture, the regional agency dealing with agriculture, forestry and food. In addition, we have directed an increasing number of research services for public corporates and private companies.

We have been involved in and have carried out several research projects financed by regional and national institutions. In particular, our research activities focused on the following themes: i) plant reproductive systems, mainly genetic control of fertilization barriers (e.g. male-sterility and self-incompatibility) and seed formation (i.e. apomixis) in crop species; ii) genome analysis by means of RFLP and PCR-derived molecular markers aimed at constructing genetic linkage maps, and mapping Mendelian traits and QTLs; iii) marker-assisted breeding (MAB) of new varieties, including the selection, constitution and characterization of pure lines, synthetics and F1 hybrids; iv) transcriptome analysis by means of mRNA profiling and NGS technologies, gene cloning and gene expression studies, and bioinformatics; v) analysis of genetic diversity: characterization of experimental and natural populations belonging to crops, trees and livestock species; vi) development of molecular diagnostic assays for the genetic traceability of plant and fish derivatives using DNA fingerprinting and DNA barcoding

Gianni Barcaccia Ph.D


Vannozzi Alessandro Ph.D

Post-Doc researcher

Palumbo Fabio Ph.D

Post-Doc researcher

Patella Alice Ph.D

Ph.D. researcher

Scariolo Fabio Ph.D

Post-Doc researcher

Magon Gabrieele Ph.D

Post-Doc researcher

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