Research Areas / Research Projects

Fields of research

The main fields of basic and applied research are the following: i) Investigation of plant reproductive systems, mainly genetic control of fertilization barriers (e.g. male-sterility and self-incompatibility) and seed formation (i.e. parthenogenesis and apomixis); ii) Genome analysis by NGS technologies and DNA markers aimed at the construction of linkage maps, identification and mapping of genes, and marker-assisted breeding (MAB) for the selection of new varieties; iii) Transcriptome analysis and gene expression studies by RNA-seq and Real-Time PCR; iv) Analysis of genetic diversity: characterization of populations by GBS, SSR genotyping and SNP-based haplotyping; v) Development of molecular diagnostic assays for the genetic traceability of agri-food products of plant and animal origin using DNA fingerprinting and cpDNA/mtDNA barcoding.

Research grants and contracts
(the best ones selected in the last 5 years as Principal Investigator)

2018 – 2023: R&D contracts – Several ones stipulated with Italian seed companies and food industries mainly related to “Marker-assisted breeding of plant varieties” and “Genetic traceability of foodstuff” (overall budget, 450 K€, PI)

2018 – 2022: CASA project MUR – “Center for Agricultural and Environmental Sustainability”, MUR Department of Excellence, DAFNAE – University of Padova (total budget 8,675,000 €, PI)

2019 – 2021: VALEBIO project – “Selection of leguminous varieties for sustainable agricultural systems”, UNI-IMPRESA – University of Padova/Blumen Group SpA (total budget 100,000 €, PI)

2020 – 2024: MAD project – “Mechanisms of Apomictic Developments”, MSCA-RISE-2019, EU project 872417 (assigned budget 90 K€)

2020 – 2022: FA&AF project – “Primary Production and Functional Food”, POR-FESR – Regional Innovative Networks, ID 10288429/DGR N. 822/2020 (total budget 1,915,000 €, assigned budget 460,000 €, PI)

2022 – 2026: AGRITECH project – “Multifunctional and resilient agriculture and forestry systems for the mitigation of climate change risks”, MUR – National Centre for New Technologies in Agriculture (total budget Hub 320,000,000 €, assigned budget Spoke 20,000,000 €, PI)

2023 – 2027: VITAE project MUR – “Center for Viticulture and Enology”, MUR Department of Excellence, DAFNAE – University of Padova (total budget 8,350,000 €, PI)

2023 – 2025: GREAT project PRIN – “Genetics and genomics of reproductive systems in plants”, PRIN – Research projects of relevant national interest within the PNRR initiatives, Project code: 2022EZMYWP (total budget 252,000 €, PI)




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