PhD position available at the Laboratory of Genetics and Plant Breeding

PhD position available at the Doctorate School in Crop Science – cycle XXXII Academic Year 2016/17 ( c/o Laboratory of Genomics at DAFNAE – University of Padova ( Topic: “Breeding varieties of horticultural species by means of conventional and biotechnological methods” (PhD Course 2016–19) – Scholarship funded by Blumen Group SpA. Supervisor: Prof. Gianni Barcaccia. […]

New Research Article in Press

Biochemical characterization and genetic identity of an oil-rich Acutodesmus obliquus isolate. Genomic analyses of several microalgae strains were performed using two internal transcribed spacers (nuclear ITS1 and ITS2 sequences) and three selected chloroplast regions (the trnL genic intron and the rpl20-psbA and psbM-psbZ intergenic spacers). Our findings raise some concerns about the discriminant power of […]

Reproduction by Apomixis: a novel perspective on an old dilemma

Apomixis in plant reproduction Abstract Seed is one of the key factors of crop productivity. Therefore, a comprehension of the mechanisms underlying seed formation in cultivated plants is crucial for the quantitative and qualitative progress of agricultural production. In angiosperms, two pathways of reproduction through seed exist: sexual or amphimictic, and asexual or apomictic; the […]

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